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Bi Fold Door Style Options

Bi-Fold Doors

Two doors are a modern way of standard patio doors and French doors. Double-door doors offer an easy way to connect inside and out. Our PVC doors are an ideal solution for homes with large openings.

Double folding doors can allow unobstructed views and access to the garden so you can enter the outdoor space. Even on dark days, you can let the sun shine with all the power of efficient security and the double glossy security benefits of today.
Each of our glass-lined glass doors made of PVC is designed to order and comes with many keys that provide safety and security inside your home.

1. Customized to fit your space From 1790mm to 6176mm
2. Doors are available from starting grade one to six.
3. Multipoint locks with three hooks and shoot bolts are common for added safety
4. Turn an existing door or open a window into a dividing door

Your Bi-fold door style options:   
Two doors offer good access to your yard, and we have created an impressive collection of folding doors that will fit any type of home. From double doors to the exterior glass door, we offer a whole range of PVC doors that will fit any design.

Eco Diamond (tm) bi-folds up for a aid concertina movement, allowing the user to choose whether all the slide doors on one side or are partitioned to create a main door that can be used separately.

1. Ten different color options matching these options for EcoDiamond (tm) windows
2. Four options for finishing handle
3. Renovation of thirteen doors, with two to six doors
4. Annotated black or silver thresholds are available with low profile and high size storm performance.

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