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Patio Door Design Colors

Patio Doors

Patio doors are mostly used as a formal space-saving way to access your outdoor space within your living space. All patio doors have the potential to bring a different style and look to your home making them ideally good for balconies, patios and gardens.

Thinner frame doors offer a larger image window when closed. It also opens gracefully without taking up extra space than the first window. So, if you are looking for a way to install an old exterior or French door, or convert a standard window into a patio door or patio door, EcoDiamond (tm) patio doors can be a great solution.

1. Selected colors such as Eco Diamond (tm) Window selection.
2. Eco Diamond Low-E Glass is made to help keep heat inside your home
3. Securer that uses as many locks and internal beads as usual
4. Change the old window to the outer door

Our stunning patio doors are available in ten color options, such as slate gray and anthracite as well as white, black, and a variety of oak and finished wood. All slippery patio doors are fitted with a pro-line pro-linea (tm) handle with a working lever available at the end: black, white, and chrome. Bevelled, bead and lead options are available to give your home that finishing touch.


Lots of locks
EcoDiamond patio doors EcoDiamond patio doors include four anti-lift locks that use bi-directional locks to protect the frame and door from each other.

Climate performance
Our pharaoh doors are a combination of brushed signs and Q-Lon weather signs to provide amazing weather performance

We will remove your obsolete departments as part of our service. We recycle most of our trash.

Service engineers who love their work
If you need repairs or replacements we will always have an engineer in the area around us.

Rated and trusted
89% of our reviewed customers say they can recommend us to others.

10-year warranty
We guarantee you a minimum of ten years of carefree, and fun-free entertainment at your Leeds windows Upvc door.

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