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The definitions and rules of translation in this clause apply to these terms.

"Consumer" means Leeds windows Plc and / or its affiliates;

"Data Processor" means a contractor and shall have the meaning set out in Article 4 (8) of the General Data Protection Regulations;

"Goods" means goods, products or services or any of them (including Nomiated Products) defined by Consumer Order;

"Designated Products" means products that are not used by the Consumer but which, upon request by a customer, the Consumer agrees to purchase from the Merchant and provide them to the Consumer;

"Order" means an order of Goods placed by the Consumer;

"Out-of-pocket expenses" means temporary costs that include but are not limited to compensation or compensation to claimants;

"Seller" means the person, company or company to whom the order is addressed;

"Technical Guide" means the product quality details set out in the technical guide issued by the Consumer from time to time to its Vendors;

"Terms and conditions" means these terms and conditions.

"Personal data" means any information about a living person identified or unidentified.


2.1 These Terms and Conditions will be placed in order (provided that there is an order for the provision of services to the extent applicable). The Merchant's acceptance by order, commencement of goods work, shipment or delivery of goods, depending on the first occurrence, will be deemed to be the Merchant's acceptance of the order. SELLER'S RECEPTION OF THE ORDER IS PROHIBITED FROM ACCEPTING THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND THE BUYER WILL NOT BE OBSERVED BY ANY OTHER TERMS OR CONDITIONS PROMOTED BY THE SELLER OR PRESSED BY ANY OWNER.


3.1 The Seller ensures that the Goods must comply with the specification requirements set out in Technical Guidance, in accordance with other specifications, drawings, samples or other agreed terms between the Seller and the Buyer. Compliance with the above shall not relieve the Seller of any other legal or moral liability relating to the supply of Goods or any part of its function.

3.2 The Seller shall provide the relevant product details to enable the creation of complete product product specifications or otherwise to satisfy the Consumer compliance with applicable legal or regulatory requirements.

3.3 The Consumer reserves the right of its employees or representatives to visit the Merchant's premises to ensure from the source that the Goods are in accordance with the specifications. The Seller will provide the Buyer with all the necessary equipment for inspection and inspection. Such testing and testing will not relieve the Merchant of debt or liability under these Terms and Conditions or suggest the acceptance of any Goods.

3.4 When new ambient product lines are introduced to the Consumer's main list, sales of these product lines will be reviewed at regular review meetings. With respect to the first three months of orders placed by the Buyer, in which case the stock may be returned to the Merchant or damaged because it later exceeds the best of the day (whether this occurs before or after the three-month time-period),


The seller guarantees that the goods including packaging and labeling will comply with all applicable UK and EC laws, regulations, general British specifications, codes of practice or general trade, Modern Slavery Act 2015 or other known regulations or specific details relating to the supply and sale of goods. . Without prejudice to the general implication of the above the Merchant assures that:

4.1 All goods supplied to the Consumer shall not be endangered and shall be of the type, item and quality specified in the amount agreed upon by the Consumer;

4.2 all premises, machinery, equipment and other equipment in connection with the manufacture, storage and supply of goods in accordance with appropriate hygiene and sanitation standards;

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