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Our recycling program recycles 95% of our waste.
We then transfer the savings to you! Find out what those old windows can be worth.
You could save up to PS1000s.

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We will discount this amount from the cost of your new windows and doors

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Single Glazed
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All Doors are
worth £50
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You can earn the maximum PS100 for each door and window to get new ones! We are concerned about the environment and we do everything possible to protect it. When we remove your old windows out we don't throw them into the landfill.

Leeds windows has pledged to reuse the maximum amount of each window we remove. We don't have the capacity to reuse them ourselves.
we give to a recycler that can. As that they're valuable and it's only right that we return this value to you.

Every month we collect:
1. 80 tonnes of glass scrap
2. Metal 5 tons
3. 500 tons of offcuts from PVCu
4. Then convert it to biomass fuel for heating

This reduces the cost of manufacturing and energy use while reducing our environmental impact. That's why we provide you with up to PS100 for every window and doors!