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French Doors Design Colors


Which French department is right for you?
French exterior and interior doors are available in a variety of different shades to fill the interior of your home. There are a wide range of colors including the traditional white exterior doors of UPVC to the modern green Chartwell. If you want the look and feel of French wooden doors, go finish with old rosewood and oak wood in UPVC French doors. Our collection of doors for outdoor and indoor use is designed to give you great freedom when it comes to choosing your perfect PVC color.

Benefits of French departments
In the case of French door patio overlooking your garden, providing an amazing and attractive space, our selection of UPVC French doors is the perfect way to allow for an interior. They are versatile in design, making good use of space, light, and airflow without sacrificing safety quality or working for the famous Leeds windows.

Features that work very well
All of our Upvc French doors have many different options that allow you to take advantage of the outdoors while staying warm and dry in outdoor activities. As with all our French doors that have a limited size in your home to ensure air balance, make sure you get a warm and warm addition to your interior. Our Upvc doors come with Q-Lon weather forecasts, with 99 percent memory retention to keep the weather in check and outdoors. In addition the multi-chamber frame is able to hold air and protect your home from the elements, while the EcoDiamond low E Glass has argon gas inside the metal, to improve thermal performance.

Home security is completely safe
At Leeds windows we are committed to keeping the home safe and secure. This is the reason why the LockMaster multipoint French doors come with dead metal and shotguns and roller cams and hook systems and pins to attach the frame of your UPVC door to your frame. We also use Yale key cylinders among the most well-known and long-standing products in the key industry, so you get one of the safest locks on the market

French construction doors to match your home
As well as providing uninterrupted views of your outdoor space, our colorful UPVC French doors are also designed to fit your home perfectly, which is why each PVC French Doors are available in a variety of colors to give you complete control over your look and feel. You can choose from ten available colors of UPVC frame, so whether you are looking for modern French gray doors or opting for a traditional look with French wood doors, we have your back. Plus, with our wide variety of choosing glazing and handles suitable for French doors, you will be able to create the image you want.

Be sure to Leeds windows with your new doors to replace France.
We are the most trusted UK supplier of PVC windows and doors, which means you can count on us to deal with any French door installation. All of our products have been ordered from our Yorkshire-based manufacturing facility, and thoroughly tested to ensure they meet or exceed government standards. In addition, with our full ten-year warranty on all our windows and doors you will be assured that they will last a long time.

French door-mounting experts are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and ensuring that the PVC door is installed according to your specific details. Our local installation team will also remove the old PVC departments to fulfill our eco-friendly efforts as we are able to Contact us now and find out why so many of our customers recommend us.

In addition, you will find the lowest prices for French doors when you choose us. With the Price Index, we will strike any similar rates in the costs of French departments. Our non-binding quotation is valid for a period of 12 months which means that you can take advantage of the measurement today to learn how much new French doors can cost

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