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Contemporary Composite Doors


Combined doors have become a sought-after option that creates a great first impression and offers many benefits. These include energy saving, improved security, and lower maintenance due to their long-lasting and durable weather characteristics. With door designs a combination of modern and traditional designs with a variety of colors and styles, bespoke and high quality doors are a great feature in any home.

The first appearance you make in the end. A low-maintenance, compact floor door can make a big difference in keeping your front door in good condition for a long time, as well as avoiding expensive repairs. The Leeds windows collection of integrated energy-efficient and modern doors offers a wide range of colorful designs in fifteen different colors. Eco-friendly, beautiful, and tightly safe, you won’t find any more doors for money!

1. 20 door styles
2. 15 color options and finish
3. Great door selection furniture.
4. Standard and customized glazing options

Combined temporary doors
By using our modern integrated doors you can give a clean and modern look. You can choose from 15 different colors, a variety of gloss options, and features that will make your home more attractive, so whether you’re looking for an attractive black door with glossy panels, or a flexible gray door with eye-catching handle, cover it. Make a lasting image with modern doors made with a combination from Leeds windows.

Combined traditional doors
Keep the timeless beauty of your house and traditional doors included. Include these timeless door styles with a selection of 15 paint finish for a combination of doors ranging from sleek and high to subtle and subtle monochrome hues. The custom-made glass and decorative furniture provided the perfect finish for any of our traditional integrated doors.

Cottage composite doors
With our horizontal cottage style doors, you can make an amazing country style home. There are 15 different colors, different gloss options, and even features that will make your home more attractive, whether it’s a beautiful Rose pink Composite Door with glossy panels or a cute duck egg door with an eye-catching handle I have the perfect color for your country style combined doors.
Benefits of integrated departments
As the most sophisticated door design used in modern and future homes, our exterior doors designed by GuardDoor (TM) have a wide range of advantages over doors made of UPVC. They are made of a variety of high-pressure materials and consist of a solid wooden frame with very strong planks and back doors made of composite or entry doors are usually stronger and stronger than their PVC counterparts.

Energy efficiency
Combined doors provide thermal heating, make them energy efficient and help reduce your heating costs. The composite Securestyle GuardDoor (TM) door has an additional thermal insulation and a 70mm multi-chamber frame with more input and power chambers. Gaskets marked with Q-Lon and brush markings ensure that cold and air remain out, while our direct installation will eliminate all drafts. In addition, the high performance of argon filled with Low-E glazing can help create a relaxing space inside your home.

Home security is enhanced
At Leeds windows our safety is a major concern. This is why our Composite GuardDoor (TM) range is equipped with securely hidden premium safety equipment and facial features designed to withstand impact force and a Pro-Secure holder and Yale key cylinders certified at 3 -Star TS007 standards. Multipoint lock, which includes two locks and connector keys and latches to ensure your safety and also a Yale lock cylinder anti-drill, anti-extraction, and anti-pick resistance to burglary attempts. Our glass is heated to heat to meet the most sensitive areas of gloss and regulatory
standards (BS EN 12150).

Climate and poor nutrition
All of our integrated foreign departments have been made to our production facilities in the UK at the highest levels. As Composite GuardDoors (TM) are much stronger than PVC lids and offers exceptional durability and durability. They are similar to traditional wooden doors that incorporate a heavy GRP environment with high weather performance. The addition of Q-Lon brush markers and weatherproof packs can help withstand extremely severe weather conditions.

Put your closed doors in the cool air with Leeds windows
We are among the most reliable manufacturers of doors and windows in the UK. Our products are manufactured according to the highest standards in our manufacturing facility. Every single product from GuardDoors (TM) that we offer to GuardDoors (TM) is made to order to ensure that you are sure that it fits snugly on your door to ensure safety, and will not cause any damage.

All integrated departments installed by our staff are supported by dedicated service professionals who are ready to assist with all repair or replacement needs as part of our experienced network.

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