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100% Best Quality

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Professional Work

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Low Price Guarantee

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At Leeds windows the range of PVC doors for outdoor use offers many benefits at a lower cost. Heavy and durable material, PVC provides the safety of your home, while also being well maintained.

Our PVC products offer outstanding sound quality and our EcoDiamond (tm) glass material gives you great heat retention to ensure your comfort in your home. In addition, with a variety of colors and styles you can be sure that our PVC front doors will give you a unique first impression.
There is no better way to give the front of your house a facelift than to install a brand-new door. The wide range of PVC doors offers an amazing selection of style designs with 10 different colors. The best part is that everything is offered at low prices and will not compromise on quality or features.

Our PVC door designs
From PVC front doors and front doors, to UPVC doors, such as French doors and stable doors made of UPVC We offer many styles to create a beautiful design statement for any space in your home. The refurbishment of the brand new PVC door also gives you the latest energy-saving technologies, as well as modern features.

In addition, with a wide range of custom options, ranging from modern to traditional doors and ten colors and custom glazing options. There is no doubt that you will be happy with the department you choose to improve your home.

Benefits of PVC departments
The new PVC door installation will not only make your home look and feel beautiful, but also offer many benefits. This includes a high degree of thermal stability, safety and minimal maintenance. In addition to this, the prices of PVC doors are higher compared to the combined door which makes them a very good value for money.

Home security is enhanced
We have expertise in designing and constructing EcoDiamond (tm) PVC doors to provide the highest level of security. Our PVC multi-chamber door frames are especially strong and reinforced with steel in all important areas. They are equipped with Yale locking locks and multipoint locking, which includes strong locks and two lock hooks and anti-lifting pins. The Mila Evolution 110mm high-strength hinges with a special design stop the doors from being raised on the hinges, and the inner beads keep the glass from cracking.

More energy efficiency
All of our PVC door signs use weather markers made by Q-Lon that protect your home from foreign objects and are built to last a long time. We offer EcoDiamond (tm) Low E Glass which incorporates argon gas into panes, which helps reduce heat loss. The PVC door frame is divided into several rooms within the frame to keep warm and reduce your energy costs. Our artfully crafted PVC doors have air-tight seals that do not reduce downtime and provide you with comfort.

Longevity and low maintenance
PVC is an acronym for pure vinyl chloride. It is known for its ability to withstand and protect the climate. That means all our PVC doors and windows are designed to be tolerant. They will not rust, rot or polish and you can choose a PVC color door that will keep its good appearance for years to come. With extremely low maintenance and easy to keep clean and with Leeds windows, you will be able to earn a full 10 year warranty to ensure that the quality of your PVC door will last a long time.

Choose Leeds windows for doors for your new products or new PVC doors
You can rely on Leeds windows to provide installation of seamless PVC doors. Our competent fitters are available nationwide with a dedicated team to assist with all your PVC door repair needs and replacements. We also manufacture all our products at our UK-based production facility. We then evaluated their performance to ensure that they met the highest standards.

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