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Sash Windows

PVC Sash windows are a great way to keep an old house looking real without the hassles of traditional wooden windows. Double glazed windows are a perfect reflection of traditional design, but with the advantages of modern engineering that makes it a good choice to replace wooden belt windows in old buildings or by adding traditional touches to a brand new home.

1. Traditional features and character
2. Smooth functionality, with a choice of sloping designs or sliding windows with sash.
3. Limited power efficiency in all of our windows with double-glazed PVC Sash windows
4. Clean lines and crisp lines are almost free

Beauty and the character of the windows of Georgia Sash:
We have our own collection of Legacy (tm) PVC watches designed to preserve the look and feel of 19th Century sash windows and to reproduce some of the details used in those original styles. From the embellishment of the shiny Ovolo beads, to the decorative shower horns and traditional pieces of the house, our solid Legacy (tm) windows made of plastic are as realistic as possible. However, they use modern materials, new methods to provide you a different performance.

Composing, smooth and functional:
We built our Sash Windows Legacy (tm) for Sash Windows using a smart rating system to ensure smooth operation. There is no previous box with strings or straps to ensure easy slip. The two sashes are prepared independently or can be opened together. Both include a new sloping system that allows windows to be tilted sideways to allow air to circulate or clear. Our PVC window sliding openings can open effortlessly and smoothly, thanks to a high-quality measurement system, which means you don't have to worry about dense or sharp polishes. They also satisfy fire safety 'means of escaping the levels in case of an emergency.

The beauty of PVC windows sash windows:
The sash style is a beautiful style that can be combined with traditional homes, while incorporating the benefits of modern engineering and energy efficiency. If you choose Leeds windows you will have peace of mind knowing that we are the top choice in the UK for windows and doors. So you will get the best prices for PVC windows that you change due to Leeds windows Price Guarantee and 10 year warranty on all our products.

Realistic and easy to use:
Our PVC style-style windows are basically made up  with traditional materials such as coat horns and finger prints and lifts that blend easily with traditional and historical elements. Window locks can be built with lever-style frames.

High security:
All of our windows are artistically made, and we will install a PVC Flush belt with tight-seal. And they are made of beads on the inside which prevent the glass from being removed from the outside. They also have anti-jemmy bars to ensure that the belt is not lifted open. Internal frame-lock locks both local belts with key locks to provide extra security. Additionally, you can add an opening bar as an additional height-stopping option where the belt can be opened. We are certified by BM Q-Mark which means that our windows meet the strict security requirements required to obtain a certificate.

Energy efficiency:
Our SVC windows with double glazing are recommended from Energy Saving Trust. They allow heat energy to be released from solar panels, which can reduce your energy and storage costs by using weatherproof weather three times. Full argon gloss and high E-glass performance reduces heat loss through glass. Similarly, a multi-chamber frame with thermal insulation reduces the heat loss of frames.

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