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Best Windows for New Construction

Whether you’re a home builder, architect or contractor you should know what kinds of windows are to be installed in your new homes or in your flats.
Following are the factors to consider when you are choosing the best windows for new construction.

Here’re some benefits and drawbacks of window materials that are best suited for new construction projects:

Vinyl windows are easily affordable, energy-efficient, and also low maintenance. They mostly come in white color, so interior and exterior styling can be limited. However, vinyl can be painted, which can open up options for custom colors.

Fiberglass windows are really strong, durable, and extremely beautiful look with virtually zero expansion and contraction, which can easily lead to air infiltration. They cost more than vinyl windows but the benefits could be worth the investment.

Aluminum windows are low cost and low maintenance, with an amazing strength of large window openings. Without proper internal components, aluminum windows could be the least efficient option.

Aluminum-clad windows are mostly used for exterior and as well as in interior for permanence and this option for your homes is more expensive than that of aluminum windows.

Composite wood windows provide elegant of real and fine wood in new homes without any disadvantage. You got an appearance of wood, low maintenance of vinyl, and strong metal. More technology you used it cost more either used for traditional or others.

The ideal bay and casement windows styles for new buildings and for homes may vary from room to room. Here’re potential applications for some of the most popular bay and casement windows styles for newly constructed homes are :

Single-hung and double-hung windows are the most common window styles in residential construction. They’re suitable for any room in a home.

Sliding windows show an elegant look than of others.

Casements windows are hinged, allowing them to pivot outward like a door. Their ease of operation makes them ideal for behind kitchen counters and living room softs.

Awning windows are often installed high on the wall of providing ventilation without sacrificing privacy in bathrooms and walk-in closets.

Pictures and geometric windows are fixed and don’t open. They come in different sizes which is depend upon your demand and all of its every piece has an amazing attraction because it's elegant.

Bay and bow windows are like miniature box sash windows. They’re most commonly used behind the kitchen sink. The deep sill and optional glass shelf make this ideal place to grow herbs and small houseplants. It doesn’t matter which kinds of material you’re used but make sure you choose new windows for newly constructed homes.

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